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When specifying an interior design scheme for a bedroom, one of the first things I always ask the clients to do is to describe exactly what their bedroom is to them (this could be purely functional to begin with), and more importantly - how should it make them feel? It is undoubtedly an incredibly personal space.

If this answer is something loosely based around a “cocoon” - a serene place of solace to escape to - then invariably, too much glass and reflective surfaces are out of the question. Indeed, I have found materials such as natural grass wallpaper, subdued, softened colour palettes and more textural contrasts often work very effectively to achieve this goal. Pair this foundational structure with soft-furnishings of heavier-blend linens, soft wools and gorgeous tactile surfaces, and furniture with beautifully rounded edges to create softly flowing lines. We are trying our utmost to avoid the spiky and haphazard when creating and aiding the ‘serene’.

“Boudoir” – with all its varied connotations! – will suggest some glamour: silk, velvets, crystal, much bolder colours, and visually striking patterns. Think oversized French-guild mirrors, brass accoutrements, lacquer, opulent dressing tables and a plush rug

If the room has a dual purpose – which is becoming an ever more popular utilisation for a home space – such as a home office, I am working to strike a balance and make the space suitable to rest and to work, yet allowing the client to delineate between the two properly – nobody wants to be falling asleep at their desk! I will perhaps look into zoning the space appropriately: introducing organic screen dividers and sourcing a desk that can look fantastic both as dressing table but practical and robust enough to be a working desk space too.

A few final tips that I have found to be applicable to any bedroom, and potent weapons in any designer’s arsenal:

A comforting colour palette.. You want everything in your bedroom to exude comfort and a sense of unwinding, and so the colour palette is the first to address. Whether you like warm or cool shades, pale palettes or one that is dark, enveloping and cosy - pick colours that you naturally gravitate towards, and give you a sense of calm.

Curtains and blinds for a good night’s sleep.. The bedroom is the one room in the house where appropriate window dressing is crucial. If you need a darkened sleep space to really switch-off, make sure you invest in blackout-lined curtains all the way down to the floor. A well-functioning blind will make sure no light pollution from street lamps

or passing cars creeps through also.

Mirror, mirror on the wall.. We use mirrors not just to see our own reflection. Mirrors are a wonderful design element, they will make any space look larger and brighter, and will reflect the sun light during the day, to the flame-flicks of your favourite candle in the evening. Statement, oversized mirrors placed against a chosen wall bring an element of glamour and boudoir-chic to any bedroom space.

Olya Lammas

Interior Designer

A House to Love

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